Friendships & Family

As you can see, I’ve been M.I.A. (again) from writing.  So many things that have gone on but I’ll try and fill you in as much as can.

Had my lovely niece Brittany back in town (from Tennessee), stayed about a week but I bored the poor girl this time (didn’t take her out site seeing as I had previously), but Michael had gone off to his business trips so I had Ethan with me.  Also, limited funds keeps me from doing too much.😦  We did manage to take her out to eat a few times and she and I had a good day before she left, visiting Snohomish (my favorite place for photo/window shopping too).  She just turned 26 and is still as beautiful as ever, and I’m excited to hear that she is engaged and doing all her own wedding planning/creating.  Such an amazing young lady and I am lucky she is family!

We also had a VERY BRIEF moment to see my Aunt Peggy (from Mississippi) and cousin Mitzi (from Florida) last Sunday when they were stopping in Seattle before boarding their Alaskan Cruise.  So we all drove over to their hotel and had a few hours to even drive them around the town (as well as do the typical Seattle Pike Place Market (touristy tour).  It was so much fun seeing and hearing both of these beautiful ladies, and the laughs we shared definitely was a highlight for me.  Only wish they had been here longer.  I LOVE my SOUTHERN SISTERS (family)!

The ladies were lucky too that the weather was fairly nice during their visit, although Brittany finally got to see that it DOES rain in Seattle (l0l) – her last 3 visits she didn’t experience that.

I was sad to see them all go but this was a great memory for me.

Then Michael returned (the next Wednesday evening – having missed Brittany) and he and I then had a great visit from Jane and Peter (from London) on Thursday.  They are the lovely couple we met 2 years ago in Italy (who stayed at the same villa we did in San Gimignano) and who shared my 50th birthday dinner with us.  They too happened to be on vacation and had just finished their own Canada and Alaska trip and had a layover in Seattle as well.  Lucky for us they would be here for the full day.  So Michael was nice enough to take that Thursday off (since he’d been working all week/weekend anyways) and we took THEM around to Seattle (Pike Place of course) as well as had dinner on the waterfront and also drove them over to Snoqualmie Falls.  It was fun to catch up with them and see them again.

I do have to share, that sadly on this same day (Thursday) we finally lost Sammy, Michael’s 18 year old sheltie (dog).  He got heat exhaustion and passed away.  That, unfortunately made us end our day with Jane and Peter a bit earlier than we had hoped, but they were so gracious and thankful for the time we did have together.

It’s been some UPS and a little DOWN, and I’m still ‘searching for myself’ but I’m looking forward to taking my next little trip with Monette to Atlanta, Georgia for the Haven Conference.  I need some more SOUTHERN LIFE…

And I did also have a very nice girls evening with my dear friends, Erica, Carol and Tanya last week as well as shared Monette’s new girlfriends last night.  I NEED more of these!

Southern Sisters Unite!  THEY may not be Southern, but I know the southern girl in me (and Monette) most certainly appreciates Ya’ All tremendously.  It’s a SISTERHOOD.

~ Love, Laura


Please Stop Texting while Driving

I just had a very scary walk this afternoon.  I definitely needed to take a walk (my knees are reminding me of how much weight I’ve gained), and I DO find it rather meditative.

But today, I decided to try a little different route then my normal one, almost a backwards version of my normal – but something compelled me to go ahead and walk alongside Juanita Drive.  This is a major intersection in our neighborhood and taking this walk at 3:00pm is even more dangerous!  So, I’m not sure what compelled me that direction.  In fact, I should tell you that I will usually pick up a long stick before I get out on Juanita, because it’s like my little ‘protection/divider’ for the cars.  There is enough edge for bikers to use it as well as (walkers) but with so many people constantly texting while driving, it’s surprising that we haven’t heard of more bikers even being hit.

Now, to share with you why I’m posting this.  As I walked toward one of the soccer parks there are several curves in the road where you definitely have to be aware of the cars.  I always walk against traffic because of this and as I was getting close enough to cross the street, I saw what I thought was a person laying near the park entrance on the ground.  And yes, it was this thin little old man who was struggling to pick up what (I saw) was his groceries as another car zoomed past him (too close).  I quickly ran over to him to help him.  I asked him if he had been hit or just fallen?  I then walked him to the opposite side of the median (luckily there was one) and then quickly picked up his groceries for him.  There was one can IN the road and although nobody hit it, I was very surprised that nobody had stopped to help him.  I almost also picked up the can and hurled it at the next truck that zoomed past the white line (toward us) – idiot drivers.

Jose (whom I know asked his name) told me that he had fallen though because a car did scare him (apparently past the white line) and so he fell trying to move.  I then asked if he wanted me to call the police or ambulance and see how he was doing?  He told me (in his very broken English), “No, No – I fine”.  I still wanted to, but he did just seem startled.  I then told him that I would walk with him and carry the groceries and also asked where he lived?  Our conversation was difficult, Jose told me he was from Iran and knew “little English”.  But he did reach out to hug me and told me several times, “thank you”…

With the little information I had, I knew that he apparently lived back the same direction I did and so I suggested that we try and walk through part of the park to avoid Juanita Drive. He was happy to do that but constantly pulled at the groceries from my arms.  Funny, because he also said, “woman no carry these, in my country”… (which I guess whatever part of Iran he is from, it certainly didn’t sound like what I’ve heard from the media?  Very sweet, but I was not going to give the groceries back.  hee hee  I laughed and said, “in my country, I like to help my elders” (not that I think he understood, but he was still smiling at me).

My walk took longer than normal, since I had to slow my pace, but with happy heart and constant reassurance and smiles, I was glad that I happened to be ‘compelled’ that direction.

I got Jose home safely, he wanted me to come in, but I saw a woman in the window and she did not look very happy – so I waited until he got inside and he waved back from the window.

Moral – PLEASE stop texting while driving.  I KNOW I’ve done it (more in my past while I worked for Mr. Demanding (CEO), but now I’m happy that I don’t have to) – and besides I remembered even back then – nothing is that DAMN important that you can’t CALL ME if you need me!  Remember, it’s a PHONE!  Even when Mr. Demanding would ask why I didn’t respond – my CURT response – “I WAS DRIVING and if you needed me THAT badly – you could have called…”  (needless to say, he never liked that comment) – his current Assistant knows that only too well!  HA

Thanks for letting me rant,

Love, Laura